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Direct, one-to-one contact

I work closely with businesses to get the results they want in a timely manner. That means no middle man, no account manager, and no exaggerated timelines. When you call, I answer. When you talk, I listen. When we work together, you sell!

Zero-fluff Monthly Reports 

You could have a million impressions and clicks, but if you’re not selling, who cares? Instead, let’s focus on how many leads you’re getting and how many of those are converting into sales. Your monthly report will cover the metrics that matter most.

Simple, flat-rate pricing

What you see is what you pay. Say goodbye to inflated fees, commissions, or other surprise charges forever! My flat-rate pricing model stands regardless of ad spend, number of ads, inventory, size of your customer base, or types of touch points. 

No constant back-and-forth 

I integrate my systems with yours (CRM, project management, Slack, etc.) as much as possible & provide every client with a centralized client portal for all files & projects. Each client I work with is also provided a Slack channel as our "hub" of communication & notification center for things such as lead alerts.

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