From lean startups & small businesses to the UX design & marketing strategy behind softwares for the Fortune 100, I analyze businesses & unlock new growth engines - each crafted & forecasted around making real profit, not merely around getting more traffic/signups/etc.

Growth for your business should be measurable by real profit, meaning actual dollars-both for reporting results and for using math to calculate forecasts of your possible growth strategies

Traffic (and even leads) are not the same as growth, unless they are also profitable as well as scalable with your industry & business model.

That’s where agencies & even startup incubators get it wrong. An SEO or PPC campaign may bring you traffic, but not be your most effective growth channel; a UX Design project may give your product a new look, but simultaneously force you to hire new support staff to handle the influx of inquiries if not properly tested.

I use market data, revenue forecasting, & every tool at my disposal to design, develop, & distinguish the options for your growth game plan, at the appropriate pace for your business.